Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter is a Challenge

I am finding that Easter is not that easy to be green if you are making Easter baskets. I don't want to give my children tons of candy and want them to still have tons of fun so I did decide to do themed baskets after reading another blogger's article about doing this. I love this idea as it's still easy but get to put your own personal creativity to it. #2 is getting a monkey themed basket. the only thing that I had to throw away was the tags off of the stuffies. The soft book was #1's but it has been put away for some time now as she was no longer interested in it. I made a tag blanket, which is hard to see. I did put baby yogurt melts in here which will be the biggest trash item. I could not think of any other treats for her that would be less wasteful.
 For #2 I went with a music themed basket which will produce very little trash. All of the musical items here came in a drum that she can also play with. You can't see it here as the drum part is too big to fit in the basket. All of the instruments are made of wood and was purchased at World Market. They have many wood and old fashioned toys. The only candy is an old fashioned taffy that I think she will love. It will be the only candy that she will get. I do what to add a few more treats. I am making her her own little bag with lady bugs and will be putting yogurt covered pretzels in it. She loves those and I can get them at Sunflower Market in the bulk bins. I was also considering putting some oranges since she loves them. 
These baskets have straw as filling instead of plastic or paper. I  think they look elegant and organic then with the other fillings. I am not wrapping them in any type of plastic. It really doesn't need to be wrapped as there is not many loose items and I like the way they look anyway. I feel like wrapping them is just more waste.
Our Easter eggs (which I will post a picture of later) we will be using leftover Easter dye that we used last year. When that is all gone I will be using more natural ways of dying eggs. I like the idea of using fruit to make dyes. It seems like that is the ultimate way to go. There will be no trash left behind and no chemicals on our eggs! I don't believe that we have to be wasteful to have a great Easter! I think that I can still do better with the baskets but I am giving myself a little slack as I am still learning. I hope these ideas help others moms who are looking to make their Easters less wasteful!

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