Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stuck on Where Our Food Comes From

I'm stuck on trying to find out everything I can about where our food comes from. The more I research the more I figure out that there are still so many people that have no idea. In a documentary that I saw (I can't recall which exactly as I have seen many on food) there was a scene that was quite disturbing to me. They went to fifth graders and showed them pictures of different things and the kids could not recognize a tomato but knew who Ronald McDonald was, made me sick to see this. For the record my kids are never allowed to eat there and we are fazing out many restaurants basically any who are not "green" or trying to be more sustainable. Chipotle is one that we love and will continue eating at. Anyway, I was reminded about the children we saw yesterday when we where in a different city and went to eat at a BBQ Place (Love this place, can't remember the name, all take out containers are compostable and the food we soooo good!) there was a family sitting next to us and they had two little girls probably 4 and 2. It was around lunch time. The two girls only had french fries, that's it. The mom had a salmon wrap I think and I didn't even look and the dad's. Anyway I couldn't believe my eyes and I almost said something to them but I didn't know what to say. Why are we doing this to our children? I just can't believe it! My daughters eat what we eat! We eat pretty healthy most of the time lots and lots of veggies! It got me thinking that I need to do better and I can! So I started looking up different all natural local farms and found that there a number of grass-feed meat farms that only graze their animals! Most of them had very reasonable prices even better than the grocery stores! Also I found a wonderful blog about local food and found a list of many local farms and ranches. This is a wonderful resource. http://www.ediblecommunities.com If you look at the bottom of their page you will see a list of links of areas in the US. This is how I found my local farm and ranch guide. Anyway we are going to make weekend trips to some of these ranches and get good healthy food. I think that my daughter will love going to these as she loves animals and I will love that she will learn where her food comes from.

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