Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sustainable Food!

We picked up our first grass fed beef last Sunday, it was a really beautiful trip. The ranch was 2 hours from our house but was totally worth the trip! It was such a beautiful place. It was incredible! There was green grass everywhere, mountains and hills. Trees everywhere too! There was a cute little farm house and of course some farm kittens. They also had a donkey and a few chickens. Its pretty much what I envisioned a farm to be was when I was growing up but better. This is how it is supposed to be! The cows looked so happy. The little babies were butting heads playfully, wonderful! We bought 140lbs for 525. That ends up at 3.25 a lb. Not bad, when we were buying hormone free grain fed it was around 4.50 to 5 dollars a pound. Apparently healthy doesn't have to cost a fortune.

People have been asking us how sustainable our diet really is because we are doing the Paleo diet. Which isn't really just a diet, its a lifestyle. Do these pictures look like they are sustainable? Yes! This is how it was meant to be! The grazers need grass and the grass needs the grazers. When you own a heard you need them to move to different locations to give the land time to recover also this is what would happen in nature. Just like crops need to be mixed and rotated to keep the land fertile. In nature, land doesn't just have acres and acres of the same plant. Also to address the Methane that cows produce. Cows have less gas when they eat what they are supposed to eat. Just like when humans eat things that bother us (like milk) we have more gas. As the pictures show at the ranch where we got our grass fed beef nature can be beautiful! I believe we all need to get back to this. I don't mean live in the country. I mean that we need to get back to respecting nature!  No more pesticides, hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, fed lots and acres of unsustainable farming of corn, soy and others! We all need to lay off the artificial food PERIOD!

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