Monday, March 26, 2012

In The Garden...

Yesterday I planted 3 types of greens in my backyard garden. Two types of lettuce and swiss chard. I hope they grow. I have never had a garden and never been much of a green thumb. This year I am determined to grow food! Last year I grew a couple of tomato plants in a couple of buckets. One did really well but only produced two tiny tomatoes then died. The other looked sickly then flourished near the end of the season but never grew any fruit. I guess it was more of an experiment to see if I could grow anything. So this year I have bought many types of seeds to try. I have tomatoes again (hopefully they will do better in the ground), squash, green beans, peas, lettuce, swiss chard, carrots, grapes and a variety of sunflowers. Also I have strawberries from last year. They actually did well. It helps that we have a drip watering system in our yard. I don't think that I can remember to water all the time. All of the seeds are organic as I don't want any pesticides in my food and should include the seeds which will be plants which will be food, lol.

I think if this goes well then I will do this every year. I like the idea of growing our own food. I was even considering getting some urban chickens so that we can have fresh eggs but even though the city says we can have up to ten our HOA says we can't have any. So its on my to do list to go to the monthly HOA meeting to see if I can have that rule changed. If I grow a lot, meaning more then my family can eat I might consider selling a share or two next year or maybe have a friend help with the garden and take a share that way. I think we need to have more back yard gardens. Its gets people and children outside instead of in front of the TV. My #1 girl was so cute! I got her a miniature set of garden tools and she was out there watering the seeds and helping plant them. I was just soaking up the learning opportunity and her cuteness!

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