Monday, March 5, 2012

A little catch up... Baby # 2

Before we got pregnant with our second baby we (or I) decided that I was going to have it at home. I didn't want the experience I had the first time and wanted to be in control of my own birth.When I was pregnant with her I was sicker than the first time and still had to go to our local hospital as my husband gotten out of the Military upon his return from Afghanistan. So still had medical intervention during my pregnancy. I will thank the medical system for that because I feel I would've died. Probably the first time from dehydration. Anyway I do have a OB/GYN who I told I had a Midwife and that I was planning a home birth. I don't think he was thrilled at the idea but helped until it was safe for me to have my baby at home.

It was the most wonderful experience! I was laying in bed resting, I woke thinking that I urinated on my self but with closer examination realized that my water broke. I called my Midwife and told her what happened and that I felt like I had to use the bathroom. she told me not to do anything until she got to my house as she didn't want me to give birth in the toilet. She arrived about 20 mins. after I called her (about 30 min. before my husband could home from work) She was the best! She brought 2 helpers with her and they set everything up and helped make me comfortable, rubbed my back and helped me breathe. They filled a pool with water put me in there and she came out about 10 mins. later, healthy and beautiful. At first she didn't want to take a breath but they were completely knowledgeable and got her breathing in I bet under a min.

After the birth my Midwife and her team helped me into bed and they cleaned my baby and gave her to me right away. They helped me with the breast feeding.They left the placenta attached to her for about 45 min. It helps balance her blood. After a bit they weighed and measured her. They also gave me a choice when it came to giving her Vitamin K. I could give her a shot or give it orally. I choose oral. With my first daughter they kind of just told me they were giving her the shot. I really liked that my baby didn't need to experience pain right away. They were there for about 4 hours after the birth and came back to check on me once a day after that for 2 days. Then I went to their office once a week for a couple of weeks for check ups.

There was a clear difference between the way I was treated at home vs. the hospital. If I was to ever have another I would do it at home.

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