Monday, March 26, 2012

Present Time, Eyes are opening!

The reason that I posted about the past couple of years is just to show that since my children have been born I feel like my eyes have been starting to open. It wasn't until I got Netflix that my eyes opened all the way. I started watching the documentaries. Which my husband says that every time I watch one something changes, lol. I don't think that there is anything wrong with change as long as it is for the betterment of our selves, others or the planet. So there were several that were really interesting to me but one in particular, The No Impact Man.  I guess it was because I could see how they actually did it and it really didn't seem that hard. (a little side note, I don't think they should have gotten so much guff for doing that) After I saw that I started looking at my own house and there was still so much that I can change. None of the changes that I've made so far have been difficult  except maybe mentally. I think those mental blocks is what I have been thought my whole life have been the toughest thing to get past. One of the hardest, yet easiest thing to do was changing the toilet paper to the family cloth. I have always used toilet paper and when I met my husband we only use the most softest and luxurious of toilet papers, Charmin Ultra Soft. So when I went looking for an alternative I was a little stumped. What is going to be as clean and painless as our current wasteful tp? I googled it and found many people use all kinds of different things. Some use a bidet, some use cloth that they wash in the laundry that they already have to wash anyway. There are lots of choice when it comes which type of fabric and processes to use for reusable tp. I choose to make my own with fabric that I already had which is flannel. It is absorbent and I had many cute patterns. I made it 2 ply and just surged the edges. If you don't know how to make your own you can just use old wash cloths or you can purchase pre made "wipes" on Etsy. Anyway the ones I made cost me about two dollars for 70 sheets. I found that I only need one sheet per use. They are 6x6 and are very soft. We are using regular tp for my husband and myself when it comes to the #2 still but my #1 girl is using it for both and I am happy to report that she is doing great and wasting none! We are not using it for both because I can't figure how to make that clean for us yet or maybe I just can't get past that mental block yet.

Anyway I know I kinda went off on the tp thing but that's not all I changed. I made our own laundry detergent. Which I love. I think it works better then the store bought stuff and even though I was buying an organic type there was still things in it that I have no idea about. My laundry soap has 4 things in it that I control!  Bar soap, Borax, Washing Soda and water, that's it! Also It smells great! I've decided as we run out of something I will make that item myself.

I feel like my eyes are open now because before I didn't realize how bad some of these things that we use everyday are bad for us. I feel like I broke out of a dark closet that I've been in my whole life. Some of the reason I've been in this darkness is not all my own fault, I do believe that some of this is do to the way I was raised and companies. Companies don't want to help me they want to make money. Now I have taken my own body and my family's bodies into my own hands. I feel good about that and that we will be helping the planet along the way.

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